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Henry Fox – Outspoken Ky Cannabis/Marijuana Legalization Advocate – Kentucky Cannabis Coalition

As you can see there was 34 Comments when I grabbed these below for this blog.

Just a Select Few of those 34 Comments from a Few Out Spoken Ky Cannabis/Hemp/Marijuana/Marihuana Activist including myself… In the order they fall…

Henry Fox again – i wish i could fight back. he even suggested that he thought the meds were helping…but, even though he thought the meds helped, he has to take them away so he can give me something that doesnt work

Mary Thomas-Spears – Myself – For those who do not know already – I am the Founding Minister of Diverse Sanctuary (The Oldest Cannabis Ministry existing in Kentucky, Founded in 1995 which has also currently grown to a Global On-line Network Community Ministry), A Co-Founder of Americans For Cannabis and Head Chair of Kentucky for Cannabis,… As well as a Mediator and Public Speaker for the U.S. Marijuana Party; among other positions in many other groups and orgs… Author and Webmaster of Constitutional Cannabis

My Comment – That is a myth

Some Doctors in Legal States do the same shi#!

Myself – Kentucky and our Government believes that if you really were choosing to use it as a healthy alternative you would see a holistic doctor or herbalist for all your health issues… Which I happen to agree with so it is how I handle my medical issues here or anywhere for that matter.

Though there are doctors who will prescribe Marinol here = their man made synthetic THC. That prescription will make you piss dirty… So it covers the Drug Test.

Paula Willett – Another outspoken Ky Cannabis Activist – A Co-Founder of “Gatewood’s Army”
The Doctors DO NOT have to test you for THC. Only the drugs that they are giving you. He is a jerk Dr. So grateful I live down here.in the Purchase Area, where we have doctors that actually care for thier patients 🙂

Myself – Also true!

Myself – Their point is, if you want synthetic drugs, see them… If you want herbs, see an herbalist is where they are at… But all those sitting on the fence… They don’t believe you or care! [ . ]

Sheree Krider – Another outspoken Ky Cannabis Activist – Owner U.S. Marijuana Party and Head Chair of Ky Marijuana Party

You all need to read this one………

Sheree Krider – I have talked to about 7+ Drs down here and it all comes out the same way – The DEA has put a stop to them prescribing to anyone who tests positive for marijuana – which is another way for them to try to kill us off – either by non-treatment or suicide…. Or worse – drug/heroin addiction death…

Sheree Krider – They got me finally in 2015 –

Sheree Krider – Note the document that is signed by a psychiatrist for me back in 2003 stating no reason to deny medicine because of positive THC….. Its in the article above…

Myself – The fact is they = the Big Corporate owned Industrial Petro Chemical or Big Chema owned Big Pharma owned “Doctors” of the so-called Health Care System of Synthetic Addiction based Military Private Owned Prison Complex!!! Has declared a War on all that is Natural including YOU!!!

Most of them like their kick backs!!!

Do YOU get that?

and IF YOU ARE TRULY WANTING a HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE why not see the Herbalist in the first place?

Myself – I have made this recommendation many time and I will again for anyone needing help with a health issue in Ky ~ https://www.facebook.com/wizardofherbs

Myself – YOU CAN FIGHT BACK!!! What kind of Leader says that??? But LEGAL LIES = LEGALIZE will only further and continue PROHIBITION and it’s record only reflects that!!!

While driving prices UP and UP!

While I’ll say this again, We have a chance to END PROHIBITION FOR REAL through REPEAL on the FEDERAL LEVEL if everyone would just DO IT!!! http://americansforcannabis.blogspot.com/p/blog-page_17.html

After all YOU ALL said we couldn’t get REPEAL there at all!

Well we have done it! So WHY DON”T YOU???


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