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Now, I have put much of this information on my web site and I have been telling you all for some time,  that you have in FACT! Been Declared Dead at Birth and incorporated = Corps(e) into Federal Property (Stock) in exchange for your entry into the “Market Place” via Your Reported Claim of U.S. Citizenship, the I.R.S. and S.S.

Yet, Due to the Fact, that some people obviously have very short attention spans, (= YOU OBVIOUSLY NEED TO SMOKE MORE CANNABIS) and can’t even find or follow links; long less, read that site… I am putting it out here on-line again, via this blog because despite all the times I alone have shared and posted, written articles, documented, built pages and sites full of this Documentation and this Information, and it being censored everywhere. While it is also found everywhere! Due to so many knowing, doing , sharing,… It other than just myself…

Somehow, people still want to argue and deny it’s validly for some reason, while calling me/us crazy! 😀

I think this information below proves that it is the masses who are completely insane!!!! Or is it the 1%??? So where does that leave those like myself who know the real truth???

As Einstein said, “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I am not sure about the former.”

From my FB friend Omnipotence Sui Juris who added 4 new photos

Yesterday at 2:00am

Afterbirth is Not what you think it is, it is about the Life Estate granted AT birth for a FUTURE interest = ESTATE IN REVERSION!

What is IN ESSE?

In being. Actually existing. Distinguished from in posse, which means “that which is not, but may be.” A child before birth is in posse; after birth, in esse.

All Lands are in Abeyance until the Donor RETURNS FROM SEA (EQUITY)

first photo 10 & 11 W.2 chap.3
2nd 19 Car 2.
3rd 52,Hen.III chapter 8
Magna Charta (Great Charter)

there no better diligence than you own due diligence, Don’t believe me READ THEM!!! or you will not know a snake oil salesman when you see one!!!

From Mary Thomas-Spears

I think that you may have meant to say *Pese or Pesse Latin for Fish because I can’t find that particular meaning in the Latin Origin? I can’t help but wonder if they are using the French meaning of the word?

What is really strange is you are obviously quoting a Legal Dictionary

Awe!!! Yes! I do apologize, You are correct! Though I am a little confused as to their utilizing the French and Not the Latin?

I can not Thank You! Enough Omnipotence my friend for your assistance here.

*See how confusing it can be for even me! Despite all the times I have gone over it. it is a lot of info to maintain in my brain with all the other info I have stored there. 😀

NEW CONTENT ADDED by myself for Clarification hear.

As I quote my friend Omnipotence, from above, “All Lands are in Abeyance until the Donor RETURNS FROM SEA (EQUITY)”

Please do understand. This is where “The Law of Water” comes in!

SEA because you were Born of Water and registered at the Doc. Like any property or boat that delivers property at the docks in any U.S. Port or point of entry.

Why my friend stresses this point, along with these two, “All Land” & “(EQUITY)” as in “Property”  or “Collateral” for this Nations Debts via your becoming “Stock” for the Market Place via the Stock Market, the I.R.S., S.S.  and the Corporate World Bank!

From Omnipotence

Everything you need to understand what is Subject Matter Jurisdiction, what is Law and what is English Law and “Fee-Simple with a Life Estate” aka “cestui que trust” aka “pur autre vie”

Commentaries upon Littleton
Vol 1 life estate , what it is and how subject matter is achieved.

Vol 2 Remedy, Remitter, release, warranty, confirmation, discontinuance is also interesting and continual claim.

Coke upon Littleton is another source specifically describing what English Law is and how to get out…

Blackstone Commentaries Vol 3 chapter 10 & 11 explains how to remove the Life Estate, the rest of Blackstone explains each area of law, how it applies and how subject matter jurisdiction is achieved and what it is, as well as explains what is law, and what is English Law.
chapter 10

chapter 11

Kent commentaries also verifies the above and also that USA is also subject to the Enlgish Law and Fee-Simple threw Municipal Corporations and is the same remedy To Get Life Estate Returned.



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