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No Mens Rea Made Simple

IF that’s even possible, when it comes right down to the question at hand!???

Because despite me explaining the LEGAL LATIN PHRASE on-line and here more than once. OBVIOUSLY some people STILL DO NOT get “#NOMENSREA” in the So-Called Activist Community that many of these Self Proclaimed Cannabis = Marijuana Activist or Advocates seem to be wrongfully ADVOCATING as “THE WAY” and “THE MAGIC WORDS” to “COMPLETE FREEDOM for ALL including the PLANT” in question in the COURTS!

So I am going to try to make it all as clear and simple for you as possible!

WHEN you Plead “NOT GUILTY” you have filed a Motion in Court of “No Mens Rea” = I have no guilt or no guilty mind • Period!!!

Now how is this the “MAGIC PHRASE” to “FREE US ALL” or the plant…

Like so many here keep ADVERTISING that it is???

This took me eight years to establish in Court and I had to Plead Guilty to knowingly intentionally breaking an Evil Greedy Unconstitutional overreach or “ACT of Congress” the C.S.A. = “Controlled Substance Act” and fight it on a “Lessor of Evils” defense; in order to even be able to introduce the Evidence!!!!



It IS NOT a defense that works IN EVERY MARIJUANA CASE as each Case is different and they = Congress does have the Right to Control Currency, the Market Place and Foreign War.

Not to Mention everything = all Property. Venues,… Within the Market Place Created by them… Which they believes includes their Unconstitutional Overreach = Prohibition also Created by them in order to Control All the Numbers and Create more Venues to Maximize both their Profits and their Control.

From another FB Post made around the discussions of the misinformation put out by so many so called Activist, Advocates, Educators and Leaders…

While Notice the Legal Community of Attorneys and Lawyers… Remain Silent in this issue despite many having access directly to these discussions, pages and post…

Could that work out Good for them???

Just saying

Another FB Post aimed at this discussion can be found here ~

once again everything I place here is removed!!!


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