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The Why? And How…

OK, As I already have previously explained part Of the First part of how y(our) rights were taken with the Legal Words as they are already defined.

You can find that explanation here ~

“Who cares??? If we are Human” That is the Question and the Answer as to How or Why they have stolen the rights of everyone! –


Yet, “Why” has this occurred???

That is what I will explain here next. Whether you wish to do the actual research after I provide the info is on you, but as insane as it all sounds, it is all true and I can Document most All of it! Why I am so heavily censored on the internet… In my opinion!

Just one reason, Why I can’t do all your homework for you! Is simply that you can’t just believe something just because someone shows something to you and tells you it’s true… That’s all a BIG part of the problem we are dealing with.

That and short attention spans!!! Second BIG part of the problem!

If you have done your homework? You should be able to follow somewhat… Maybe?

Again, Linguistics is the key!
Because as I have already said, Language is the “Tower of Babel” a tower built by men to reach G-d’s level = to “Divide and Control” the people the masses as Scripture or the Bible Foretold.

When we look at Mosaic Law we are speaking about the Languages of Hebrew, Greek and Chaldee Languages and at least Three Main Religions that make up just a part of the Corporate World Church. If you haven’t read the page I have already given you then you will understand none of this!

Hebrew – It is said it was invented by Moses and began as a written code of Priest.

Chaldee – the language of the Ancient Astronomers


Now that you know Mosaic Law was Canonized into The Law by the way the Words have been defined through the Corporate Churches add on Ministries = Administrations of Government…

You might need to understand just how it all began to understand The Why? or maybe you do?

When I think of Mosaic Law

I think of the “Bible” as in the Christian Religion is just one of the three religions based on the Teachings and Writings of Moses as he is given credit for, along with the first five books of the Christian Bible aka = also known as the Jewish Torah.

While he is also given credit for what became known as WRITING and the Hebrew Alphabet.

Most of this which I have already explained on my web site ~ www.consitutionalcannabis.com

Now we find “THE WHY” in both the First Book Genesis and in Matthew in the New Testament as “Yeshua or Yeshuwa” = Hebrew the given name of the man now known as Jesus = Roman Label for a Common Thief (but that is another page for me to write here)

Anyways, when we look a Moses’s first book = Genesis and start at the beginning of where it begins to originate.

We find “The Why” that it could explain more than a few things, including some very current theories… Or so called “Conspiracy Theories”.

Facts are and please do not believe me, as in, READ IT for yourselves and use a Strong’s Hebrew, Chaldee and Greek Concordance to translate properly from the King James Version not Translation, which is what was given to the masses.

Now in the beginning we are told G-d made man on the 6th day and rested on the seventh.

Then G-d looked back and saw he forgot to make a man to till the ground. Adam or “Atom” in the Hebrew = an 8th day Creation. Despite this not being labelled as the 8th day! Yet, it can be seen in several places through out the Scriptures.

The Polluted Corporate Church hides these truths as was Forewarned or Prophesied in the Bible!

The Bible also tells us, “a day to God is a thousand years to men”. Found in the New Testament.
ll Peter 3:8

While in Genesis the first book of the Old Testament, we find that G-d created him = Adam a help mate named Eve and gave him = Adam his Dominion over all the creatures and the earth…
Gen.2:20 Proof of his = Adam’s dominion as he names the cattle…



= your inability to follow the origin or believe in it!

Because G-d gave Adam all his Authority and Dominion over all the earth and he = G-d also counted on Adam to follow.

I use G-d out of respect as we are told not to use his name in vain and God is not his name!

As we are then told, he – G-d placed Adam and Eve in a Garden East of Eden = the city of Eden that already existed as it had already been created or built by the 6th day creations = hunter gatherers…

Now he plainly then instructs them = Adam and Eve that  though he is given Adam his dominion. He and they are not to go near or partake of  “Tree of Knowledge” = “Trunk of Man” = a Man and possibly the 6th Day Creation in the center of the garden or he would surely die. (Another page to write)

Again Why? Is this all important??? I am getting to it, believe me or not!

As I have said all of this so many times before!!! THIS WAS WHERE AND WHEN THE FIRST “PROHIBITION” OCCURRED! In the garden!!!

Not to mention, WHY??? IT WAS SO IMPORTANT AT THAT POINT, which directly affects why it = the same Prohibition has now been directly applied to the “TREE OF LIFE” which is NOT to be confused with the “TREE OF KNOWLEDGE” despite what they would like you to do here or to believe. Yet, the one did lead to the other as we can see later in Scripture as all is later revealed.

Now the first book or Genesis – *Notice this word Genesis starts with the word Gene, we will see it all so clearly in a minute as to why this too is important.

As shortly after we are told, that Adam and Eve are both “Beguiled” = Hebrew for Wholely, as in Completely Seduced by the Tree of Knowledge or Trunk of Man in the Center of the Garden.

Bible > Strong’s > From the Hebrew
See nasha

Greek > 1818
◄ 1818. exapataó ►
Strong’s Concordance
exapataó: to seduce wholly, deceive
Original Word: ἐξαπατάω
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: exapataó
Phonetic Spelling: (ex-ap-at-ah’-o)
Short Definition: I deceive thoroughly
Definition: I deceive thoroughly.
HELPS Word-studies

1818 eksapatáō (from 1537ek, “wholly out/from,” intensifying 538 /apatáō, “deceive”) – properly, thoroughly deceived (“hood-winked”), describing someone taken in, and enslaved by, Satan (sin, darkness).

1818 /eksapatáō (“deceived into illusion”) emphasizes the end-impact of deception – i.e. missing true reality because “biting on the bait that brings the hook!”

[As an intensified form of 538 (apatáō), 1818 (eksapatáō) means, “thoroughly taken in – biting the bait that hides the hook!”]
NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from ek and apataó
to seduce wholly, deceive
NASB Translation
deceive (3), deceived (3).

See KJV Rev. 12:9 to verify

This is the first of many homosexual acts recorded in the Scriptures; as Adam was seduced by the “trunk of man” in the center of the garden after Eve and after G-d warned him he would surely die! (While his spirit did die that day we are later shown, just as he begins to age and his flesh also begins to die…. Again another page to write.)

And then notice after this occurred Adam then hides from G-d because he is now ashamed as he has only now noticed he is naked and attempts to cover his shame with a leaf  over his croch, which is not placed over his mouth.

Even more importantly, it is after this point G-d has to make him clothes give him meat… (Again, another page to write.)

Yet, we still haven’t come to “The Why?” Of The How? But we are nearly there I promise you!

While it is also at this point, the Trunk of Man or Tree of Knowledge is then cast down as a “Serpent” = a Reptile! Are you following it closely? Do you see where I am going?

At which point, G-d then explains that “he has placed the “seed” (Hebrew word “zera”) of thy “enmity” (Hebrew for the seed of thine Enemy) – between her seed and Adams seed”

We then we see she = Eve later gives birth to “Paternal” twins being of two different fathers.  Could this be where the RH Factor aka Reptilian DNA comes into or enters the Homo sapiens Bloodline or Gene-pool?
Gen.4:1-2 Eve states “I have gotten this man from the lord,”

As later in the story or book one is accused of “being a murderer like his father” after killing his brother. For who did Adam ever kill???

We then see that Cain is not mentioned at all in Adam’s blood line. We are also warned from this point on to stay away from Canaanites or the off spring of Cain repeatedly in Scriptures from here on out. While he = Cain is cursed to become a vagabond… And to crawl upon his belly… (It is said, that this is the first Vampire story, as he is cursed because of his Blood-lust. Yet, again, that is another page to write.)
Gen. 3:14-16
Gen. 4:9-16

As I wrote earlier, we then find the parable in Matthew = New Testament where Yeshuwa or Yeshua aka Jesus warns us of “The Tares = weeds sown in the garden”.

Now I haven’t labeled the scriptures here, but again, should I have to do all your research and homework when simply believing what others have told or showed you is a part of your not being able to follow or know law?

Does this or has this made the WHY of the HOW clear to you yet?

Does this not also explain why they are and have been collecting all the DNA they can get their hands on?

Does this not also explain why they have in turn Prohibited the Tree of Life which was given as Sacrament for the Anointing of the Priest and the Healing of the Nations?

Scripture then tell us or warns us later that this is also why the flood and story of Noah occurs to rid the earth of Naphilim or the children or off spring of the fallen. (Another page to write)

Could this also explain Aids? As Adam was warned he would surely die? (So much to be said on this subject, again, another page.)

Does it not also explain Why Yeshua – Yeshuwa aka Christ was so angry when money had entered the Church because he understood even then, that there was No Longer A Separation Of Church and State!??? (Another page)

MOST IMPORTANTLY and please do understand that this is “THE WHY?” and the where the Legal Definition of the “Human” or “Human Being” being a “Monster” who can not inherit land… As he is not a Homo sapiens…. Has came from and why it was and is in Fact! Canonized into The Laws we currently have today through Mosaic Law.  As far as I can tell by all my years of research and there are more than a few who agree or concur with me and who know what I know. As they too had to eventually come to drawl the same conclusions through their own research.

While I also know some have drawn basically the same conclusions that I have with all their research ~






Here are some References to get you started!

• You might want to start with a Previous Article I wrote that was later Re-Published by Sheree Krider maker of this Blog here and Current Owner and Publisher of the U.S. Marijuana Party’s Site  –
Beginning American History Clarified

• A Time-Line of Law – From the Law Museum of Duhaime

• Law – Wikipedia

• I found a Free Class I thought even I might check out just to see what they are teaching on it all? From Study.com

• Fundamental Principles of Law = Principles of Laws of Nature = Genesis = Genetics

• The History of International Law

• Roman Law

• Anglo-Saxon Law

• Early Germanic Law

• LOOK under History

• The City of London, About the Political Seat of Rome’s Incorporated Governments

• Nephilim

• Rh Negative Registry – Theories of Migration

• RH-Negative Blood and the Reptilian Connection

• DNA – New Clues to Jewish Roots

• Blood of Gods

• Hyperborea ~ Rh- Bloodline Migrations into the World

• The Annunaki: Enki & Enlil

• Rh Blood Types

• Research Shows That People With RH Negative Blood Type Are Not From Planet Earth


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