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More Questions ???

From Martin Teller

To Mary Thomas-Spears what documentation do you get when your case is dismissed? hes not in jail n hes not in court so whered his case go? no mens rea is the way
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From Brandon Chewning

To Mary Thomas-Spears
You can search my name . It was va it was 2court dates.. 10min after I told them I plead no men’s Rea..& I also said I will never plead guilty to a cannabis charge & in 10 min my “publicdefender” came back & said everything is dropped
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In comments here – https://m.facebook.com/comment/replies/?ctoken=899898593423820_1300139470066395&ft_ent_identifier=899898593423820&gfid=AQBWRnhgoA2IKOqm&notif_t=note_reply&notif_id=1492013505707645&ref=bookmarks

Mary Thomas-Spears
You get a Document from the Court that Reads Case Dismissed!!!

I have several of them. Notice neither of these guys do, while one tells me to search his name. Really??? Why not provide the Case Number if your for real?!!!

I am about to make some very important points as to why this is so important, so I’d pay attention if I were you!

Also notice these guys both are the only ones who have even responded to my request for one person to provide me with any Documentation via FB in a case claiming to use Mr. Thorne Peters version of a “No Mens Rea” plea in Court that he is now Advocating or Misleading the Cannabis Community astray with… Where this has actually worked in any Court for anyone…???

And they claim “it worked for” them while they claim to have no Documentation, Proof or Evidence of what they claim, not even a Case Number or name of the Courts which provided their so called dismissels… Was provided!!!

Personally I don’t believe that there are any stupid questions, until I am obviously dealing with trolls or Feds!

So I continue to answer the questions… For the edification of others as well as theirs.


Sometimes it just means “They don’t have enough evidence to Trial you or to make it worth their while… ”

And nothing else!

Which means – Good Bluff!!!

If that happened?!

You sound like you both were Lucky that’s it! •Period!

I tell people all the time. Tell them you want a Jury Trial and watch it go away when they know they do not have what they need!!!

If you don’t have proof it was dismissed then how do you know it won’t magically reappear???

Believe me! It can!!!

Because they do what they want if your not policing them!


If it was Dismissed (With Prejudice) and not (With-out Prejudice)

The case is closed!

If it was Dismissed “With-out Prejudice” means –

That they can reopen that case later when they get the evidence they need to convict!

In a Drug Case – See correct or proper “Order of Process” here for a “Motion” of no “Mens Rea” ~



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