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Subject: Conscious Eating to Heal Self and Planet – FREE WEBINAR

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Evolver Learning Lab
Conscious Eating: Healing Yourself and the Corporate Food System

Learn how a conscious daily diet also challenges corporate agriculture and supports a healthy farming and food system, in this FREE webinar on May 15.

Join two of our leading food "change agents" — master nutritionist John Kozinski and pioneering activist Patty Lovera of Food and Water Watch — for "Introduction to Conscious Eating: Healing Yourself and the Corporate Food System." In this live, interactive video session, John and Patty will help you make the connections between your own diet and the global food system — and show you how eating consciously not only improves your health and vitality, but also contributes to real social change.

Produced by Evolver in partnership with DreamChange.org and Food and Water Watch, it takes place this Thursday, May 15.

  • What does healthy eating really mean — for you and for the planet?
  • How do your food choices affect the global food system as a whole?
  • What would a healthy food system look like?

More and more people today recognize that our current food system — how we produce and prepare what we eat — is sick and in need of healing. A "foodopoly" controlled by just a few corporations promotes and profits from unhealthy food that hurts people and unhealthy farm practices that hurt the planet. This crisis touches us both personally and politically, calling us to become more conscious of what and how we eat while coming together to transform the system that produces food for us all.

Find out more here: http://evolverlearninglab.com/collections/courses/products/an-introduction-to-conscious-eating-healing-yourself-and-the-corporate-food-system

Patty Lovera, Assistant Director of Food and Water Watch in Washington D.C, will explain the ins and outs of the corrupt Foodopoly. You will be amazed at how the system is rigged. She will give you steps to take on a daily basis that will support healthy farming and a healthy food system.

Pioneer natural health teacher, John Kozinski, MEA, will clear up the confusion that abounds about healthy food choices and offer ideas for sustainable food sourcing and eating. Ideas promoting natural eating that began 40–50 years ago were revolutionary for their time. Today we know some of the revolutionary natural dietary practices we learned continue to support our health — and some do not. This stark reality ties into our understanding — or lack of understanding — of how natural healthy eating and agriculture really work together on the ground for people and the earth in a sustainable way.

For the benefit of our health and the health of the planet, it is urgent this updated information be brought to light so we can focus on what matters most — and address the challenges facing the worldwide agricultural system, as well as our own health.

This free introductory session is the first of a four-part series about Conscious Eating that will change how you look at the food you consume everyday.

To learn more, click here now.

Join us Thursday, May 15, and discover how your healthy eating habits can help you heal, while also contributing to the healing of our broken food system!


Jeremy, Miri, Kelly, Ken, Lou, Faye and the Evolver Learning Lab team

* * *


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